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It was shipped on the 21st and has to travel less than 4 hours to the destination, seriously you can't deliver a package 4 hours away in 8 days? Tracking No. If you try to call them you get a attitude or they purposely put you on hold and or hang up on you. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER! However, due to how this post office works I will be lucky to receive at all!! It is now July 11 2016 so where is it have called and left messages and no response. The items will be arriving there between today and Monday. My package was supposed to be at my house on Friday 12/26 and it's now Wednesday 12/31 and hasn't left there. Is it because of the wonderful service provided? WebPO Locator | USPS Find USPS Locations Find USPS Locations The U.S. This government run agency should be ashamed of such poorly run facility. First time something happens to me, how incomida situation should remove this post office because it is useless, took eight days waiting for my packages were arrested in receiving this department Is there something wrong with the people working at this post office? 7017 2680 0000 8479 0036 more than one week delay. Package sitting at this location in Opa Loco for days without moving? the tracking # is 7019 1640 0000 7671 0045 the package has not arrived. Like wtf is this, and they don't even answer the phone, i ordered this for a specific trip and ow who the hell knows when its going to get here. Last update was that it had arrived here, much to my confusion, then every day since, I just see "Your package is in transit." Called number on this page and it rang but no one ever picked up. Then they told me to report again, which I did on Dec 31. NEVER IMAGINE THAT YOUR OFFICES WORK SO WRONG. I have a package over there for almost 3 weeks :( Is a pending gift. About to do an audit on you shady f--ks. Package took 27 hours to leave ft lauderdale only to be stuck in Opa locka for 2 days now. tracking 9505506584260266283426.. aparece recepcionada por parte de uds el dia de hoy.quisiera saber cuando me hacen la entrega . I sent a package via Priority Mail on June 7, 2021 at 9:27 a.m. that appears to have fallen into a black hole at the Opa Locka Distribution Center. No help at all. Arrived 29 April at this location Regional DISTRIBUTION CENTER Good luck and hopefully my information will help. Maybe that's the problem, nobodys working. Tracking#: YT2028721272207068 Tracking number 9405510205958188057143, 9449008205497492030894 Please where is my package? This place is the worst ever. I've called and it rings about 7 times and then its busy, this is the worst post office ever! TRACKING9400109699937123196877 Foursquare can help you find the best places to go to. Until then Opa Locka i am sure is laughing at all theses comments, 9505515024938264143701 My package has been "in transit" since Jan 25, which was the original delivery date. So it was time to do something so I called the usps costumer affairs they made things happen. Opa Locka post office needs to be investigated. It has been stuck/lost/stolen at Opa Locka distribution center. Just how many packages have gone missing. Our packages stuck there for 5 to 6 days. Oh wait it's run by the government, that answers everything. My package has been stuck in Opa Locka for the past four days with no prospect of being delivered. I will never send a package via USPS again. I am a HUGE fan of USPS. April 11, 2017. On 12/15 I sent two packages Priority Mail from Maryland to be delivered in Maryland - 1 about 20 miles the other 120 miles. My package sat at this location for 6 days! It was coming from a different part of Florida and that was the second stop and never even departed yet. I love the USPS service but if your package was sent to the Opa Locka distribution center you can forget about receiving it. I need to receive this! On Monday, April 9, it was returned to the person who sent it to Miami. Every package I have had process through here is late by at least 3 or 4 days. How do you contact this post office? You would think when you scan the barcode of a missing package that it would alert them that it is missing $100 item too. If they are being stolen this needs to be reported as THEFT by employees inside the USPS in Opa LochDistribution Center.. I would normally think they lost it, but after reading reviews online that go back over a year it seems normal. From reading other reviews, there seems to be a problem with this distribution center. I am having same problem. Good Luck to all! My seller level was downgraded because of the shipping delays (USPS fault!) WebOpa-locka News, Weather, Safety, Sports | NewsBreak Opa-locka, FL ClutchPoints Jimmy Butler knee injury return has hope after Heat stars latest move The Miami Heat have endured a mediocre 2022-2023 season. 9500 1156 2314 1154 5876 97 - NEED MY PACKAGE!!! why>???? Get Us Post Office Royal Palm Processing & Distribution Center reviews, rating, hours, phone number, directions and more. No one answers!!!!!!!! Must be taking more packages to their cars! Shut down USPS distributon center - Opa Locka. I'm not sure what these reviews even have accomplished with this place. This location by far has the be the absolute worst post office. Had the same problem with an order off Amazon. WebThe distribution center says it's an hour and a half away from my house. But I have had no one call, no options given for if it was lost at the center. I could have driven from Iowa and back with the part by now. Where is the package! It is still sitting at this location. Last time using USPS for shipping or anything if I can help it. This is unacceptable. Find great things package is at this location for 5days and i payed for express shipping!! Toll-Free: 1-800-Ask-USPS (275-8777), Monday 8:30am - 5:00pmTuesday 8:30am - 5:00pmWednesday 8:30am - 5:00pmThursday 8:30am - 5:00pmFriday 8:30am - 5:00pmSaturday 9:00am - 12:30pmSunday Closed, Monday 6:00am - 6:00pmTuesday 6:00am - 6:00pmWednesday 6:00am - 6:00pmThursday 6:00am - 6:00pmFriday 6:00am - 6:00pmSaturday 6:00am - 5:00pmSunday Closed, Monday 5:00pmTuesday 5:00pmWednesday 5:00pmThursday 5:00pmFriday 5:00pmSaturday 1:00pmSunday Closed. It is your location on December 25 . My package has been sitting there for 2 weeks. cesar lasprilla TIA, buenas tengo un pedido extravia do desde diciembre 20017 con este numero de traking 9402110298370283890534tenia que ser enviado a este destino JEAN GUTIERREZ LEAR19226 Can someone please assit in helping me locate the package. This place is terrible my package that I am still waiting for has been there now for 3 weeks and no one there will let me know when or if it will be shipped out. Check the latest delivery status here: https://track.aftership.com/trackings?courier=yunexpress&tracking-numbers=YT2028721272207068 Tracking #9114999991703138169957. also a delay 'departed on 4/19' then 'delayed' with no update as of 5/11/17. TRACKING NUMBER #9410808205496046215835 official United States Postal Service (USPS). Come on people..find my packages. Miami-fl and a puzzle and sox. This package has been here since December 2, 2020, 6:38 pm.with no news and no tracking news. This. They have a package of mine that has been sitting there since the 22nd of December and I get no information and no one answers the phone!! Hello good 6 DAYS..8 OF MY PACKAGE SITTING IN THERECAME ON!!! Please don't tell me the package got lost in shipment. File a complaint with the U.S. Its beyond my comprehension that those who are working have little to no regard for the belongings of others. 33166, Please i need know about my package, tracking number is 9410808205496788854729 and nobody is going to reimburse me for the approximately $2000 I am loosingA TOTAL NIGHTMARE! Just how big is your facility that it takes three days from acceptance to shipping? Filed 2 reports, one was the receiving post office in PA which said they had no information. WTF!!!!!!!!! A lot of finger-pointing is aimed at the US Postal Services South Florida distribution center in Opa-locka, an industrial city in northern part of Miami-Dade County. For years, Floridians have complained about the facility misplacing packages and delaying deliveries. HELP, i have no idea what happens in these facilities during work hours but they definitely aren't shipping packages every package i get from usps always spends days here its not very professional on everyone's part there. My package arrived at opa locka on july 10 2017 and today is 7/18/2017 whats going on, how a package can be 8 days stopped? Message 4 of 4 latest reply 0 Helpful Reply I want to drive down there from Ft Lauderdale and see what king of IDIOTS are Good Luck! So I need to go higher up and contact someone about this. package sent from Ft. Lauderdale - went to OPA LOcka post office. These people are out to lunch and haven't heard the last of me!!!! It was delivered on March 19th, 2018 at 2.19pm. MUCHAS GRACIAS, buenos dias este paquete que esta en su oficina desde sep 28 cuando lo liberan ES10010572053340001010001F0N. 1969 Press Photo Opa Locka city manager Philip P. Davis attends meeting, Florida . 9300120111402850071610. my package is stucked for 1 week in that office, I tried calling Opa Locka POst Office and I can't get through to them. The item was signed for by V RIC no consigo mi paquete por favor me pueden ayudar en esto. It's also been sitting in this Opa Locka facility for 5 days now. Espero y puedan ayudarme. Supposedly "in transit to the next facility". (Source: CBS40 I was to receive my package February 20th thru New fast shipping!!! I realize it's the holidays, and even "guaranteed" 2-3 day shipping might be delayed, but it's 12/7 as I'm writing this and the package was sent on 11/28. Ordered an item from Robbinsville, NC on March 5 and it was shipped to Homestead, FL on March 6. Every time a package is released from a Carrier like UPS OR FEDX to this post office you never get the package or they hang on to it for another 10 - 15 days and it just sets. THANKS. I've seen lots of complaints online about this center and now believe them. Oh And absolutely no one answers the phone, so why bother. They have to much mail in one plant, when will they figure out that one plant can not handle all of south floridas mail???? Amazed to come here and see all the notes below with the same situation. This type of shoddy service needs to be investigated. Since then, it's disappeared. Calling the post office is a BIG JOKE.. YOU CAN'T GET PAST THE AUTOMATED SYSTEM; AND THIS IS AFTER THE MESSAGING SAYS STAY ON THE LINE HAHAHA RIGHT!! On a scale of 1-10, I give this place a minus 4. Your item departed our OPA LOCKA FL DISTRIBUTION CENTER origin facility on November 18, 2017 at 3:11 am. *Please call to verify information. What is happening to all this mail, merchandise? don't list a phone # if no one is going to efffing answer it!!!!! Why would you PAY for your reputation to get screwed up and let down the American public like this? I have a package that shipped from Australia that was supposed to go to zip 33191 but the address said 33195 and it has been at this Opa Locka since Aug 19th. I live in Michigan i ordered something from Flordia. Did you ever get your package ? I send a certified mail envelope to New Jersey, on June 19, 2021, and the envelope has been not delivered yet. by far the WORST usps location. This place needs to be shut down. What is wrong with this place and the United States Postal Service for allowing this center to operate..WTF? Ripe with theft and corruption. It's been there since Dec 17. THANK YOU, R.C. Web(800) 275-8777 550 Fisherman St Opa Locka, FL 33054 CLOSED NOW JL They have a package of mine that has been sitting there since the 22nd of December and I get no information and no one answers the phone!! What the ??? I think the district attorney should be called about this location and ask why these people are getting paid, but not showing up to do any work. I also sent a package from MA to ME around the same time as you and now mine is at this distribution center as well! United States according to the trajectory arrived at that address. No doubt packages are discreetly open and magically they vanish. WebChildren & Families Department 100 Opa Locka Boulevard Opa Locka, FL 33054 Phone: (305) 769-6324 Website: CLICK HERE to edit or remove this business listing or call (866) 654-4871 to submit a removal request. FL 19/DEC this is going to Tampa, should've been delivered the same day, especially on Priority Mail, you guys have been holding my package since the 10th! My package has been sitting at facility for over a week and NO ONE WILL HELP!! NO updates since this package was in the possession of this facility. Birthday present -Jan. 17 Still not there!!! same here for mine. My package was suppose to have been received by November 16, 2017. Thank you, We need the USPS to be SHUTDOWN. It was originally sent out in late December and was forwarded through Opa Locka, which sends it on an endless loop to Newark instead of either returning the package as undeliverable or sending it to the forwarded address. I just called USP customer complaint number 1-800-275-8777. My package is stuck in your facility. My packaged, 9405511202555831352367, has been at this location for over ten days. Destination- St. Augustine, Florida 277 miles 4 1/2 hour driving time! WHERE IS MY PACKAGE #9500114837939010398297 Left Pompano on Jan. 10. THIS LOATHSOME LOCATION, its people, and operation, however, have GOT to be the GREAT EMBARRASSMENT of the entire organization!For goodness sake, USPS, do something like Tabatha's Salon Makeover on Bravo TV - have some real hard-nosed supervisors come in, find out where the problems are, and redo this place from top to bottom. I hate you! United States Already went to my post office were it was sent from-a waste of time. But first it showed December 7th 2020 and would be delivered December 8th, 2020. My whole wardrobe changed because of this nightmare, but yet still nothing is done. Service Type: n/a *This facility does not process US Passports applications or renewals. I should probably use UPS, as USPS has become a joke since DeJoy took over as Postmaster General. Arrived in Opa Locka on 8/12; left Opa Locka on 8/18, SIX days later, and is still in transit to Ft. Lauderdale. Is anything incorrect? OPA LOCKA, FL 33054. It's heartbreaking to think that some nieces and nephews won't be getting a gift from me - ALSO - I'll stick with UPS - all those gifts arrived! As of TODAY DECEMBER 17TH 2020; IT IS STILL IN LOST SPACE "PENDING" SINCE DECEMBER 8TH 2020. This package was for a Christmas gift and get together before family went out of town and was ordered in time for me to receive. The postal workers are rude and do not deserve the benefits or pay they get!!! they will investigate the situation and will contact you in 72 business hours (3 days). I finally received a return call today and explained my situation, begging for shipment immediately. Got nowhere. Don't answer their phone. I order from someone that uses the HIALEAH, FL. Hope I never have a package go thru this facility again. I am having some serious problems with my package when it arrives at this location. I am wondering if your package ever arrived? This post office is horrible. Over and over you see this place rated with 0 stars for service. Find directions to Opa-locka, browse local businesses, landmarks, get current traffic estimates, road conditions, and more. No update since Jan 25. Thanks. I'm 2 days into my second stint at the illustrious" Opa Locka facility. But NO they hang on to it!! No answers. I even have a Case Number with NO RESPONSE since given to me!! According to the 2019 US Census the Opa-locka population is estimated at 15,663 people. Dear all, what they will do is take down all of your information then open up a claims case. Sending mail to Sarasota from the UK.unfortunately impossible to get through to this facility and only get automated nonsense from other numbers..my package left OL on the 9th July to go 200 miles..now 15th and nothing. 0.22 miles Merge onto FL-826 W. 15.49 miles Take the NW 25TH ST exit. PRIORITY MAIL 2 DAY MY ASS!!!!! https://www.prc.gov/#:~:text=Learn%20More-,The%20Postal%20Regulatory%20Commission%20is%20an%20independent%20Federal%20agency%20that,the%20U.%20S.%20Postal%20Service's%20operations. I recommend doing what i did because i thought my package was stuck here to but they actually shipped it from there yesterday it just never updated. Many lost pakages at this center and no one is liable. Still says same thing. contact the postal service office of affairs and complain. U.S. My package has been sitting at this distribution center for 11 days with no movement! It makes no sense, and based on what I'm reading online, this place is a literal disaster area and the USPS doesn't care at all. You figure. there number has been busy all day today. Good morning The person who sent the package has called the USPS Corporate, I have also called, I personally presented myself at the USPS Offices. What kind of crap and games are these people are playing. Until I am convinced otherwise that is the only explanation for my package disappering. This package has been in your offices since October 19 and to date no movement has been updated and obviously it did not reach its final destination, I want to know the reason, thank you, Hello, how could I contact customer service, 9449011202555311920559 - where is my package? I have a package sent from April 4, 2018 to Miami - Houston. my package has been at this location for 7 days, I payed express shipping no one answers what is going on? Have not heard a word from anyone where package is. I blame the postmaster general trump appointed for this entire post office nightmare. LH065995045US, 9405503699300038272928 where is my package. 9400110200986726802216 I would like to either hear back and at the very least, delivery of my package. C' Ser' rep could not get them to answer the phone, my local post master had the same results. I go back online and that information was removed and it showed accepted December 8th 2020 and PENDING! This post office is by far the worst, I have ordered THREE things off shutterfly, ended up having to contact shutterfly for them to send it ups cause my package got lost ALL THREE TIMES. Should be ashamed to call itself a post office. 9405511899564740956634 Please do not post personal information. United States Center I have the misfortune of waiting on two separate packages both stuck in Opa Locka, FL. CANNOT REACH ANYONE ON THE PHONE THERE! Arrived in Key Largo, FL 12/14 and spent 8 hours there before leaving. My package got lost, wasnt scanned. Have heard nothing. How is it that an establishment has such an awful rating from the public and still management doesn't form any structure here?? The seller ships, it arrived OPA LOCA 3/12/21, reads "accepted" but then when you open further it reads "pending acceptance" and that is it. How is it possible so many of us are having this many issues with the same distribution centerI've been waiting on a package that was supposed to be delivered 6 days ago alreadyConsidering showing up to see what they say honestlyI don't understand why we can't just go and pick this up ourselves after a day or so. AFTER READING ALL THE OTHER COMPLAINTS LIKE MINE; I THINK WE SHOULD ALL COME TOGETHER AND FILE THEFT OF SERVICES AS IN LOOKING BACK AT ALL OF THESE COMPLAINTS NO ONE HAS REVCEIVED THEIR PACKAGES!! I HAVE THE SAME ISSUE!!!!! LB072947519SG, My package has being travelling back to Miami last 3 months, what is going on? Siemens S.A. 5055 NW 74 Ave unit 8 Waiting on a certified mail document that is essential for travel next week- my visa! Case was created #CA139866147. I don't even know why the hell my package came here at all. The package was shipped priority mail with plenty of time to arrive, yet it has been stuck for 5 days at Opa Locka, with no explanation. These employees should be fired. It was in and out of Homestead and arrived in Opa Locka for the second time 12/18. I have called customer service millions of times, sent email, and we to my local office. this is regarding my package which was shipped to you for unknown reason. They have had a "package" of mine that showed they received December 8th 2020. was supposed to be delivered on the 16th . The facility at Opa-locka is run by the US Postal Service, but its location in a run-down area of Miami-Dade County does not inspire confidence from locals. I doubt about they went to delivery or not, because I was at home the hole day and nobody came. kh-gary Moderator (0) View listings Options 02-16-2022 03:18 PM Hi everyone, Due to the age of this thread, it has been closed to further replies. there and what they are actually doing. One of my packages is stuck there, the other was on its way to destination for 2 days (it's a 4pmin drive) and now is back in Opa Loka. had a package arrive on August 3rd. Frustrating. Ready to call my congresswoman. The tracking number shows this as the last location it arrived at and it's just been sitting there DOING NOTHING. after reading these comments, I am wondering if I will ever get my package (9500113253289039282303). consumer affairs stepped in and all of a sudden the package left the facility and arrived at its destination in south miami. They have a package of mine that has been sitting there since the 22nd of December and I get no information and no one answers the phone!! My package has been stuck there for 2 months. My package was in this facility since 03/16, supposed to delivery 03/19, and so far. nothingwhat's going on USPS??? And Im almost tempted to buy a plane ticket from Pittsburgh just to do so!!! Please, god, please let all this comments not apply to me, and allow me to recieve my package. Package sitting at this location in Opa Loco for days without moving? I tried having the address changed from Australia endno luck. I am going on vacation and I needed this for my brother's wedding gift ABSOLUTELY BEYOND RIDICULOUS!!!! They are the reason the postal office needs to be shut down. This is the third time I've watched my packages sit in LIMBO or VANISH after it was logged at this location. I have a lot of upset customers because they still dont have their items. 0.45 miles Merge onto FL-826 W. 0.17 miles Take the SR-826 W ramp. I have been waiting for a package for over two weeks and I only live 1 hour from this place, In Transit to Next Facility my A$$!!! WORST PO EVER!My package was taken here on August 21, 2016 with tracking. And the package is still in Opa Locka Post Office!! 9400109699939184751941 personnel at this address on my behalf of this package do not have the package or any information on receiving it. Contact me immediately! WHERE IS THE PACKAGE?? My package was delivery to this place,I call to pick it up because I need it for my trip, the package already come with delay and now they tell me I can not pick my package at the facility even they are open or suppose to be open to the public. Visit our Links Page for Holiday Schedule, Change of Address, Hold Mail/Stop Delivery, PO Box rentals and fees, and Available Jobs. but according to informs me that although he says that he arrived, he has not arrived at that facility. If everyone does this maybe something will happen. My husband will miss the once in a lifetime chance to visit his home country of Cuba due to this incompetence!!! I've written the postmaster general in DC. Wow I've read the comments and I shocked that my item went to this location and now is stuck there from March 3rd 2017. TTY: 877-889-2457 4011 Meridian Av. USPS had to do something about this location fast! You can send them again please. My address is correct and I cant get through to anyone. I am writing this review even though I know nothing is going to be done its just a matter of getting the frustration off my chest. Cheers, Please be advice that we have not received and mail in the last month With all of the bad reviews, I have to say, I did get everything on time and unaltered. If you have already done that, try contacting USPS Customer Service, (800-275-8777), or file an For goodness sake, if you know your package has even the REMOTE possibility of being routed through this abysmal, pathetic facility, do some research and drive a few miles to another post office that sorts/routes through someplace else.My package was accepted in Hallandale in November and routed to this ABSOLUTE WRETCH of an Opa Locka sorting facility, where IT SAT FOR 13 DAYS before finally making its escape and on the way to me in early/mid December. Shame! Can't reach anyone on the phone after the first runaround with whoever answered the first call. -5 rating, horrible! "Your item arrived at our USPS facility in OPA LOCKA FL DISTRIBUTION CENTER on January 26, 2021 at 8:40 pm. I thought this was just my package. I am reporting to Postal Regulatory Agency. This place got busted a couple weeks ago its suppose to be on the hush 27 Employees Fired for Stealing, Lost so many packages here, its the Bermuda Triangle of all packages coming to Miami. 11:09am Well great, I hadn't heard the horror stories about this post office, but after reading through a few pages about it on multiple websites, I really wish I'd paid the extra money for lost package insurance from the site I ordered my package from. I have had the same experience as everyone else for over a year with the opa lacka usps sorting facility as I have two packages a month come through there. USPS doesnt update daily so it makes u keep getting that "in transit to destination" message. I sent a package on March 25 2021. today is June 4 2021. CAROLINA GUERRA A package was sent to me in Mechanicsburg PA from Marathon FL on 17 Dec and made it as far as Opa-Locka in one day. OPA LOCKA FL DISTRIBUTION CENTER, February 17, 2018 at 6:18 pm Make it Private and you will see their improvement. And no surprise here you still don't receive!! I have about 7 packages and by mistake I never included the number of the apartment where to ship all of them. It has now been at the Opa-Locka distribution center since 18 Dec. That is 12 days. Once again, my package has been sitting at this facility for days with no forward progress. Between injuries and underperformance, Miami hasnt been able to develop much in the way of consistency. So apparently now I must wait 30 days from mailing. Which means my order will have to be refilled by a small business that is already struggling in these times. What gives?????? The intended address is correct. Please feel free to start a new thread HERE if you wish to continue to discuss this topic. I thought it must be a fluke, a freak coincidence - but then I ordered another package from that same area in early Decemberwhich again was routed to this HORRIBLE LOCATION; it's been "processed through USPS sort facility" 9 TIMES now over a day and a half! All while setting at this location!!! Arrived at the Distro Center OPA LOCKA, FL on 09 Feb, it is now 19 Feb and it has not moved. tracking 9400128206335546566256 the address is: address: 23865SW 114 TH CT and the package put 144 instead of 114. Miami Beach WHERE IS MY PACKAGE!? 9400109699939184751941 Postal Service Office of Inspector General (OIG) Hotline. Run your operations from the City's Municipal Complex. El motivo de este correo es para solicitar la entrega de mi paquete que se encuentra en sus instalaciones N seguimiento: 9374869903502640236437 esta es la direccin correcta: Why is it that I am using the same address for over 6 months multiple packages where delivered just received a package 2 weeks ago which was ordered from the same company with the same delivery address and now im being told insufficient address I need my package. WebHistoric Images Part Number: lra58531. Does anyone have any experience going to the center and simply picking up the package yourself? Need some answers please. I will probably have to resend by Express Mail tomorrow if it doesn't reappear on tracking. 303972063854 Tracking number 420331579214490270334819227694 search number : 303972063854 CN Origin My package was supposed to be delivered to Hollywood Fl, on Dec. 15th & the tracking is saying it's stuck in Opa Locka. where is my package, you said it was left in my mailbox, I get hom from work and my package is not there. that an agent is charged to make the delivery. The item is currently in transit to the destination." Nov 04 2020, 12:53 pm, MIAMI,FL, Entregado, PO Box My package has been in the Opa Locka location for 11 days now.11 days! My Post Office tried to figure out what the problem is without any luck. Mine is 33312, so they decided to send it back to opa locka..??? Abysmal theft ring. It states right above that comments below are not read by postal employees. WebLooking for office space in Opa-locka? Apparently some people have had their packages stalled at this facility for up to a month. Jan 20, 2021 Your making the US postal service look really BAD!!! The seller considers it lost. I NEED ANSWERS. Wish me luck on filing for a refund. My address is 2701 N Course Drive, apt #507, Pompano Beach, FL 33069. SHIPPED 17/DEC ARRIVED IN OPA LOCKA. I would like you to help me with information on a package in the name of Evidelio Chavez, he is going to 6930NW 84th Ave 33166 to see if it has already been sent Im assuming this is still going on. Postal office in Tampa says they have no way of contacting anyone at the distribution center. Can't reach anyone on the phone BECAUSE PHONE SEEMS TO BE OFF THE HOOK. After seeing these other posts, I am going to make a formal complaint to the post office. I filed a claim 2 weeks ago, but of course, no updates. WHY??? Web550 Fisherman St. Opa Locka, FL 33054. Not acceptable. facility and from there it goes to OPA LOCKA, FL. You want something important then you better find another option.