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Welcome to Afgaay Technology

Website Design and other web technologies in Somalia are our specialty. We develop a whole range of Websites from simple websites to more complex e-commerce solutions and web applications.

We also provide Reliable, cheap and fast hosting servers with competitive qualities are only found in Web Solutions. We have learnt the power in hosting, Security and backups with a reliable team.

we register local and International Domains with extensions such as (.So, .info, .edu, .com, .org, .net etc).

We offer a preliminary free consultation on the type of web strategy that'll suit your needs best.

Kusoo dhawaada gacmo furan ,waxaan diyaar u nahay adeegiina iyo dalbaadkiina anagoo u furan is-fahan.

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Afgaay Web Solutions

We offer the best features on the market

Internet Marketing

Our web marketing solutions helps in customer relationship and campaign Marketing and hence the whole plan of marketing through the fastest means of communication that is rampant in the internet.

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Graphic Design

Graphics in the internet is the power of a web page and the first impression for an organization means business or no business. Your company s should stand as a brand - very visible. From logos, Banners etc.

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Online Live Support

Afgaay Tecnology has a dedicated Online Team offering Live Support We are committed to providing best-in-class customer care through world class technology and response mechanisms to helps our customers.

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Get The Latest Design

Afgaay technology have a diverse client base.

per month


  • $79/YR .SOM
  • $12/YR .COM
  • $10/YR .NET
  • $11/YR .ORG
  • $35/YR .TV
per Year


  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Unlimited Domains
per month


  • $250 Website Design
  • $40 Advertising design
  • $25 Google adsense
  • $20 Logo design
  • $50 Video editing


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Website-ka ay ii dhiseen Afgaay technology wuxuu kor u qaadey macaamiisheyda oo aad u adeegsada website-keyga cusub .

Muqtaar Batari

Waxaan ahay macalin dugsi quraan online ,Aygaay technlogy waxay si bilaash ah iigu sameeyeen website-ka Dugsiga oo ardey badan igu soo xiray.

Macalin Diiriye

Runtii shaqada ay ii qabteen Afgaay Technology aad ayaan uga maqsuuday, waqti yar iyo farsamo sare oo casri ah.

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